Julia Couzens

“Scrap Wrap”
Original Medium: Paint, ink, and paper
Website: http://juliacouzens.com
Location of box art: 12th & Q Streets


Julia Couzens maintains a deeply inquisitive visual practice, working in sculpture, drawing, and textile constructions. Born and raised in Auburn, California, she now lives and works at Quinta Luz, her home on Merritt Island outside the Sacramento River delta community of Clarksburg.

Working abstractly, in scales both large and small, Couzens delves into a rich bag of tricks: cutting, wrapping, pasting, tying, scavenging, stitching, slicing, sorting, bundling, and collaging to create eccentric objects possessing intense linear energy, textural physicality, and exuberant color.

Known as an “artist’s artist”, Couzens has been recognized with a Louis Comfort Tiffany Fellowship for her innovative work in sculpture. Her work is widely shown and is represented in the Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Art, M.H. deYoung Museum, Crocker Art Museum, Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive, Butler Institute of American Art, Equitable Life, New York, Weatherspoon Art Museum, University of North Carolina, and Yale University. She is also a poet, and writes about contemporary art for squarecylinder, Northern California’s leading on-line arts publication.

Artist Statement

In thinking about a design to wrap a utility box I envisioned electricity as a form of conversational energy and the box as a magnet, or punctuation point, along the Sacramento grid. “Scrap Wrap” represents coalescing particles from the life of the street — scraps of vagrant papers snatched by a breeze, twiggy bits dropped from trees, wind-skipping straws, the boogie-woogie street patois pulled into the orbit of our downtown Capitol City energy.