Britta Swanson

Original Medium: Watercolor
Location of box art: 11th & L Streets

Britta Swanson was born and raised in Sacramento. She attended UC Santa Barbara where she received a Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art. Her favorite medium explored in college was bookmaking; she hand-made the paper, printed monotype prints on it using a Vandercook press, and then fastened pages together using a variety of binding techniques. Since graduating from college, she primarily works in water color.

Artist Statement

This piece is dedicated to the artist’s grandmother, Doris Saunders, who passed away January 1, 2018

From a young age, I was mesmerized by my Grandfather’s orchids. He raised thousands of them. Every time I visited my grandparents in Ventura growing up, my grandfather would send me home with orchids. To this day, I raise many orchids, among other plants, and enjoy the challenge they present. I find that getting an orchid to bloom and re-bloom is very rewarding. My final work in college was a book I made about my orchids… I have even been known to name them. I truly feel connected to plants and therefore enjoy painting them. There are incalculable species of orchids, each completely different from the next. Although they do not produce fragrance, their compositions and colors are more than enough.