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Nathan Cordero

Original Medium: Mixed Media
Location of box art: 16th & P Streets


Nathan Cordero currently lives and works in Sacramento, California. Although he has never received any formal training as an artist, he possesses the ingenuity and motivation to create his many drawings, etchings, and paintings done on scraps of plywood that he finds in his neighborhood. In a recent show at the University of California, Davis titled, “Are You Destined to Become Your Mother?” Cordero combined his playful pieces along with smaller sculptural works. Cordero’s method for creating his work begins when he finds the perfect piece of plywood and preps it—the ideas start flowing directly onto his canvas. Cordero appreciates the spontaneity of working in the moment, and he tries to mimic the environment in which he found the wood. In the future he plans to move on to diving into bigger dumpsters and hopefully finding the inspiration for creating larger sculptural works.

Laura Caron

Original Medium: Mixed Media

“Silent Pulse” (above)
Location of box art: 12th & P Streets


Artist Statement

My paintings have numerous layers both physically and figuratively. The original mixed media painting was created with the intention of portraying the vast underlying pulse of life.   The world as we know it continues to evolve based on our symbiotic relationship with both the physical and spiritual world.

For the utility box, I wanted to expand on this theme. The bee is an ancient mythological creature that traditionally symbolizes the bridge between the physical world and the unseen world. Since 2010, scientists say that nearly one third of the bee colonies in the U.S. have disappeared. This is an alarming development in which we cannot ignore.

“The Gift of the Dream” (below, click image to enlarge)
Location of box art: 5th and Capitol


Artist Statement

These images seem to have a dream like quality. I incorporated photos of many of the architectural elements of the Capitol building. I wanted to depict the formalism of these beautifully crafted areas and transform them with a sense of fantasy. My figures were created with an almost sculptural feel, inspired by the many sculptures on the property.

“Silent Pulse” and “The Gift of the Dream” were my first attempt at digital art. I created the art using images of my original drawings and paintings that were then photographed or scanned and placed in Photoshop. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and although I believe I am quite slow in the process, I look forward to my next digital art project.


Ianna Frisby

Original Medium: Embroidered canvas digitally overlaid onto sewing patterns
Location of box art: 15th & P Streets


Ianna Frisby is an Artist-in-Resident at Verge Center for the Arts and adjunct art professor at Sierra College, Sacramento City College and The Art Institute of Sacramento. She received her BFA from Humboldt State University and MFA at Cranbrook Academy of Art. Although her focus is in ceramics, she has produced various bodies of work including highly-detailed and painstakingly embroidered canvasses of sewing pattern cover models.

Artist Statement

In the past, housebound housewives would often turn to sewing and embroidering as a way of passing expanses of time. In this age, when it’s actually cheaper to buy clothes than make them yourself, when us gals are now liberated and busy as hell, why should we invest the time? For me, the drawings on old sewing pattern envelopes stir memories of home economics class, Fashion Plates and other girly childhood pursuits. Their commercial ubiquity may have made them seem banal, so I chose to make them special again. Reproducing them in embroidery is an incredibly time consuming process that vastly surpasses the time it probably took to draw them in the first place. But it’s ultimately satisfying.