About the Project

In January 2014, the Capitol Area Development Authority (CADA) & the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission (SMAC) received qualifications from local artists to be considered for CADA’s “Capitol Box Art Project”. Artists were selected based on past work and paid to create a design (or designs) that was transferred to vinyl, and wrapped around a City of Sacramento traffic utility box.  The vision is that by using these “blank canvasses” as a platform for the artistic community graffiti will be eliminated creating a beautiful, safe, inclusive, and interesting environment for pedestrians and commuters alike.

Funding for this arts project is provided by CADA in keeping with its mission of creating a Capitol Park Neighborhood that is beautiful, vibrant, transit-oriented, and community-minded.  Beyond CADA’s goal for the utility boxes, these boxes are meant to inspire and promote the recognition and celebration of Sacramento’s amazing local artists.

The 31 identified utility boxes are owned and operated by the City of Sacramento and are primarily located in CADA’s project area. Twenty-nine of the utility boxes have been completed and the remaining two boxes are on-hold until construction has ended in their locations. The artist-designed wraps were applied using a standard fabrication and installation method. Artists used a variety of media; photography, painting, collage, and digital imagery to develop their designs.

Where Are They Located?

Click here to see the map of the utility box locations.

Who did the printing & installation?

Northern California’s fleet vehicle wrap leader, ProWraps™ Commercial Graphics.


Click on image above to view a larger version of the printing process.

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